Andrea Barrett

Andrea Barrett’s characters are set out with meticulous care… Remarkably touching.”

The Los Angeles Times

Secret Harmonies

When childhood sweethearts Reba Dwyer and Luke Wyatt marry, they expect no surprises. But now that Luke — friend of Reba’s childhood, friend of her heart — is her husband, discord enters their lives. Secret Harmonies is a portrait of people struggling to make sense of their lives in the rural hills of western Massachusetts, an utterly absorbing, moving story of what happens to this couple and to the eccentric constellation of loved ones swirling around them.

Barrett has… an unrelenting instinct for what is true and for how human beings experience life… [Her characters] draw the reader passionately into their stories.”

The Orlando Sentinel

An elegant, poetic prose style; dazzling imagery; a subtle understanding of the complexities of personality; and an ability to look unflinchingly at the compromises people make with life and yet retain compassion and affection for her characters.”

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Poignant and atmospheric… Elegant, accessible writing.”